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Our Story

The Things We Love


We are a design and creative group of visual artists with a passion for creating. When were not grinding away on films or styling we are diving into our other passions. We cook, we cut, we burn and we eat together. It has introduced us to the most amazing people, who we call family, and given us so many years of creating and enjoying life together. The sweet smoky smell of charred wood, wood shavings for days, an amazing cut of beef or a wild new recipe. Add in our Smoke & Ore flavor of mise en scène, a magnificent bottle of wine, and share it all over laughs and great conversation... that's who we are. These are the things we love most.  Smoke & Ore, isn't just about products or design, it's about making and cultivating an atmosphere, built around firing up your dreams, food and connecting people. 


Shou Sugi Ban

Our custom made Smoke & Ore tableware is all burned and treated using the Japanese method of burning wood. We stumbled, accidentally, across a technique to seal the boards that doesn't use any artificial chemicals. The only tools are fire, water, food grade mineral oil and natural waxes. 


Culture of Smoke & Ore

We hope to be an ever expanding community of artists, cooks and designers. Sharing our vision and our table. If you you would like to collaborate or share feel free to contact us at: 

...let's eat!

Follow us on Instagram and check out our blog for recipes and suggestions. As our community expands we'll be sure to share all our culinary inspiration.